Monday, 25 April 2016


Latest gig, Another success.
For this one I stood for the event, what a bad decision. I had 2 days worth of back ache!
Never again!!

Besides that the gig was amazing, everyone was so kind, so friendly!
If you are ever in Peckham on a Friday night, find the Bussey Building,
A few photographs have been attached,
If you want more visit my site


To see their next event keep eyes peeled

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


What do we think of it?

I have been fully aware of the controversy surrounding Pop Brixton, and since having visited over Easter, I felt compelled to write a quick piece on the new hotspot in Brixton.
With gentrification on the tip of every tongue, as well as peaceful protests & community marches taking places it is no secret that London is changing.

But who says this is a bad thing....

As a recent creative offering services to the local community, I was so excited to be accepted by Pop Brixton. To be there working with the new crowd I had heard so much about however had me feeling a bit funny, as though I was adding to the controversy.
I thought about the controversy for one minute, and then I didn't bother.
I was so excited to take the jobs that I didn't care, and what a great night it was!!

To break it down, POP BRIXTON is a new space in the heart of Brixton, built on metal containers, it is a new cool, young, (I won't say hipster) place to be. It hosts many small businesses, live band nights, great new events, two of which I was going to work at.
My services include fast illustrations for the public, or face & body painting. In this case I would be face & body painting for the HOLI festival which was a massive hit, creating unique designs for the punters. Following this I worked on the EASTER Monday with the families and once again a huge hit! A great busy Easter for the start of my business.

However a part of me felt like a hypocrite, not that I am a dedicated protestor... not at all...
But I am aware gentrification is happening, and as a born & raised Londoner bang in the middle of Stockwell & Clapham I see it happening all around me.
With the new private buildings coming around, offering accomodation well out of our reach we see the phrase actively occuring "New people in, old people out".
My feelings were conflicted shall I say.
The reason for this post is to bring to light the reality that is POP BRIXTON.
It is not a place that consumes Brixton as though taking over, it does not maliciously discriminate on it's visitors. It is not a location where you can feel uncomfortable when entering.
It does however open its doors to new businesses to use the space as pop up stores, it hosts a variety of days & nights for the variety of the public. It requires all pop up stores to play a role in actively giving back to the community via workshops. It gives singers & groups a platform to be seen by the many,
It also gives opportunity to a young and starting out artist trying something new, and being given the opportunity to work at a new popular place. (Me)

And for that I am very thankful.

As opposed to seeing it as a negative taking over, I now see it a positive, just an addition to Brixton, an alternative. And when we have issues such as the arches being closed down, I realise Pop Brixton is the least of their worries. And after having done further research I realise the space used was given by the government with unused ground, meaning no one was inconvenienced. But ofcourse someone will always be inconvenienced, because that's life.

If you are still unsure on Pop Brixton, I encourage you to visit the location and make up your own mind...
For now I am merely grateful, and look forward to one day returning...
Not to mention the food there was DELICIOUS!

For more info on Pop Brixton, here's a cute link

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Sunday, 3 April 2016


Publicising of the images from the Holi Festival @ POP Brixton
Here I publish the Profiles of 2 girls. For more check out the links...
More releases coming soon..

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Sunday, 27 March 2016



Saturday, 26 March 2016


A very short video from the recent gig at Holi, POP BRIXTON.    Face painting the crowd, spreading the Holi joy with bright & vibrant colours.
Such a great night. This footage is a very small glimpse made from various mobile phones.
 Hope you enjoy x Jxn.Artista

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Holi Fest - Thursday 24th March - Pop Brixton
SO excited to announce I will be working as the EVENTS ARTIST for the HOLI FESTIVAL OF COLOURS at Pop Brixton. Open to the public for face & body paint designs, get some holi designs and grab some amazing food. 

This is one of my first official public gigs, if you have a spare moment this bank holiday pop a visit over to Pop Brixton from 19:30 beyond. I would love to see you, paint your face and share some joy.
You can then take a photograph and enjoy your night whilst having a memory to last you weeks/months/years!! 

Once the event is complete, check back here for a blog post on my thoughts on Pop Brixton, as well as images to illustrate how the event went.
If you are interested in hosting an event and need an artist for the festivities,
please email me at

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HOW EXCITING              |           SEE YOU THERE x
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Monday, 7 March 2016

Now available for Live Art | Face & Body Painting. All contact to be made to

Live Art                                                                                                                 Body & Face  Painting
Creating 2 - 3 minute illustrations for everyone.                                                  Varied designs available for all.                                                                                 
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If you're hosting a creative event, or a fun filled moment, think of me. Available for 
*Private parties
*Uni Freshers
*Culture & Creative events
*Local community events & Schools
*And more
For further information please visit my developing website, see under SERVICES.

UPDATE: Another job in the portfolio, see the site link above for more images of what I do.
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Sunday, 21 February 2016


Charli XCX on her way to the Vivienne Westwood show at LFW

Labrinth with his Mrs. Cute fashion couples. 
Focus vs Blur. Stolen from Timeout London. Designer Ryanlostudio
Favourite images I come across during LFW

Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Year
The year of the monkey, My year.
To anyone born in 1992.

So Sunday 14th Feb was two special days in one,  Chinese New Year & Valentines.
The usual festivities run from 10am - 6pm.
I arrived with the last half an hour, and it was enough. The place is rammed, I can barely see the screen but nevertheless I still enjoyed, caught the fire works, took some pictures, recorded and snapchat & viola. Happy days.
We witnessed the epidemic that was "The stealing of the lanterns". One person took a lantern and in the next 5 minutes they all had vanished. Monkey see, monkey do. See what I did there? Effortless puns.
We hopped over the fencing, also fun times. Ran into a London Live crew once again, (How many times do I have to run into them, before they offer me a job as a journalist???!!)
And finally we finished the day with a £6.50 take away box full of Chinese Food. Marvellous.

Top Tips: Have cash, as China Town is not a friend of card transactions.
Wear comfy shoes. Warm clothing, every year on New Year festivities, I freeze my bits off.
Have a camera, you will not fail in finding a photo opportunity.
Don't forget to be kind, as it is their New Year, and we are all simply sponging off them.

Friday, 5 February 2016

How to be a beginner at photoshoots/modelling?
Not that I am going in that direction, because my face is not made for it but I THINK I have whittled the main things to think about down to five points of how to be a beginner and how to get going.
This is for super beginners, when you want to create a portfolio, before you are even thinking about agencies or approaching studios. A simple guide to getting your first set of images.

1. Photographer
Find a photographer you feel comfortable with. Hopefully they will know a little bit of what looks good, if not you can both figure it out along the way. A photographer that can give direction, motivation and encouragement throughout your shoot is GOLD. If they can be a friend even better, no one likes an awkward situation.

2. Theme
 Know what you are aiming for. (or have an idea), is it a fashion street shoot? is it romantic/cute? is it for head shot purposes? know what you are doing, do some research before hand and let your photographer know. You will be great. (Maybe practice posing, and good angles, unlike me)

3. Weather
Keep an eye on weather if you are shooting outdoors, Don't get caught in freezing cold air, mad rain, or too late that you miss the daylight (unless it's a night shoot). Always remember the sun is your friend, it will forever be your best filter.  Forget this all if you are shooting indoors.

4. Dress
Prepare your clothes depending on the theme for your shoot. If your indecisive or want a jam packed day of photo shooting, don't be ashamed with bringing a suitcase. Who cares.

Last thing.. 5. Cheesy cliche, but enjoy it.
Then share it to the world, make a portfolio, and Goodluck. 

I in no way put myself as a professional model, I gave this shoot a go as a beginner in January 2016, and learned a lot of things in 1 hour, here I am writing this post as a means to show this photograph as it is one of my favourites, and a means to write a quick HOW TO for other newbies. 
We are not all born Model Fabulous.

The rest of this shoot can be found at!bricklane-shoot/n3e54
The photographer that supported me on my first endevour, was none other than Thank you x