Sunday, 20 April 2014

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

One of the Graphics briefs were to recreate a list of your favourite things.. As large or small or literal.
I came across these, By Jeongmee Yoon.
[look it up if you can. loved it]

The last photo is my recreation inspired by these images... enjoy

And lastly my recreation of the concept.
Favourite Things.
My home.
30+ photographs taken [some including me]
Definitely using this concept for the final piece. excited.

What is Graphic Design?

My immediate answer to this is to be clear and concise.

When I see a logo on the train, or on billboards I find myself flustered at the look of them.
I ask myself the general design questions. Why did they choose that font? Why did they choose that figure?

In particular I found two brands that represent exactly what i mean...
In STARBUCKS we have the round green logo, great and instantly recognisable, a global icon.
However what is the purpose of the mermaid? I have heard many theories on this piece of design, but I wanted to see if I could better the logo to how I saw fit.
Below you see my version.

Similarly to Starbucks, the second logo I chose to use is THE CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL COMPANY.
A clear brand, easy to read however the logo uses a bicycle as the base figure of the logo for whatever reason.
Again I am sure the choice for this design is valid, but I took it upon myself to edit these logos for a clear definition on what they are advertising/selling.

What I considered good design.


my edit

my edit

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

 5 photos from my MIDWAY exhibition album.
It is done and dusted.
Onto the next line of work.
Thankyou to all that came and supported and played a part.

Friday, 28 February 2014

One of the latest Graphics projects were to create a game. A non digital game.
We as a group created a card game based on Charlie and the chocolate factory. 
These are the original drawings. Before colours were added and placed onto the card template.

The backdrop was just to humour myself.  I love it.
The end results and cards will be posted on here in the future... :)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A new liking. A recent interest.  Illustration Vs Photographs

Made quite a few seated images..

Coming soon

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Alright guys, if you don't know already I have submit myself into the BE THE FACE OF JD competition. I would absolutely love if you could all vote for me.
Check the page out, let me know what you think of the competition. the pictures. and the bio.
Just click the link. or find me by typing my name into their search person space.
Thanks so much

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Presentation went down a beautttt.
Done on the 15th Jan at midday, as always was a tad nervous, overthinking. Wasn't good.
But on my way to uni, loosened up, felt a bit better, was running late but I turned up, and go to it.
It went exactly how I would hope, smoothly from start to finish.
Didn't exactly have a speech laid out or know what to say for each piece but the words just came to me.
The tutors understood exactly what I was trying to say and do and they liked it.
They said it's a new concept, they like that I am writing as well as doing art, like the composition of the paintings and the style. Something different.
Oh btw it was a lot of Alice talk.... we all loved it lol

The improvements they advised were:
  • Visit more galleries, particularly paint exhibitions
  • Practice more paintings, become more confident with my painting style and technique and use of the paint itself.
  • Buy different sized brushes for these paintings (FYI I did on the 19th)
  • Research more artists involved in tales, stories, dreams. Anything relating
  • ....

Does it need a caption. lol  I got a DS for christmas. Had to send it back. Now it's returned beautiful and new. And i have two games.... one of which is Luigis mansion 2 :D love it

First drawing of 2014//
Way too serious for my liking,
drawn not from photo, but from a mirror... which is a weird one
I've always struggled with self portraits, always feel I overwork, get hung up on a particular feature (probably my nose) and so on.  I don't see myself here, but I've gotten feedback that supposedly it does resemble me...
May go back to it, may not, may try another, may not..

Monday, 13 January 2014

 Alright so it's that time,
Well it was that time a week or two ago really, but between being busy and wanting to focus, I finally have the chance now..

2013 was a great year for art, and myself. The transition from first year into second year at uni was a great one along with a few more defining moments. And so as I've seen other artists look back on their year of art, I have also wanted to do so.. The first drawing of 2013 was Master Chief. Chalk on paper A3, probably because of my xmas gifts, or just for the sake of it.. cant remember why but it was the first first of many that year, who knew how much I'd go on to learn and create.

When uni came around I delved into many painting again, a safe net, different styles, focusing on uni projects, just everything and anything. I done a couple zines (for graphics) which were very enjoyable and I since then have liked the idea of making another/more. A quick make, zine for similar interests. Whats not to love.

From Jan till about March 2013 all works were a bit art for arts sake, No real meaning, just to keep the skills topped up, yet I'm still very proud to look back at them. Le Samurai triptych inspired by a Kimono Graphics Project. My silhouetted Django, (I'm a huge fan of fan art), having watched Django that week and LOVED it, I felt obliged to do a piece, and as the time I was going through a shadow phase...

Fine Art exhibitions were many is 2013, that's another side I am not disappointed in.
Three in total. May sound small but to a first year student (at the time) and now looking back it's a huge accomplishment, many students (even graduates) have yet to gain that exhibition experience. I am hugely pleased with this, and love my uni for it.
The exhibitions are a deadline to work to, you know what they say, sometimes people work better under pressure, it's true. This exbo in particular was called EMERGE, I imagine it meant something very profound which really went over my head.
However I love my converse paintings, it was something I had been wanting to do for a while, inspired by Funny Tummy. Logos. Painting. Converse. Realistic. Graphic look. Fine Art technique. Also an installation took place (something new to me) All i love.

Graphics projects throughout 2013 sometimes took priority and once again with a deadline I found it easier to work to. I was constantly teaching myself how to get friendly with Adobe illustrator, learning the ins n outs. Watching tutorials. reading magazines.
Majorly useful, hoping to keep this up for 2014. Havn't started just yet, but still have the resources to keep it going.

Below is a go at screenprinting.
This was a good n bad thing.
I love learning new techniques, being open to more, but having done it I hated it. Wasn't for me. Maybe it's the studio, maybe it's the method but it took a lot out of me. For 2014 I will aim to buy myself a home screenprint kit. If not this year then one year. I understand screen printing is great as a Designer, Illustrator, artist. Creates great quick results.
A home set will be the ideal thing for me... i hope....

When it comes to illustrations, I have learned A LOT over 2013,
Trial and error, whilst I also taught myself really. Very proud but so much more to learn. And I'm sure with the tutorials etc it can be done. I want to learn shading, highlights, to play with texts, soo much out there..
These illustrations were done over Summer '13, heavily influenced by Alice in Wonderland, I was reading alot...

If you don't know already, having spent most of summer surrounded with Alice, I decided to write my own narrative. Connecting Alice to myself. And myself to my main character in my story.The illustrations went on to become paintings, realistic with a narrative twist. Something I am very pleased with and will continue during 2014...

 Graphics had been pushing hard too, deadline, hand ins, mid year reviews happening right now.
My seperate Graphics blog (a requirement by the course) is all up to date, if any interest is taken into my individual projects and results.

And finally February is back to uni.
Need to make the most of what I've got right now.
To learn more. Read more. Practice more. Never stop (maybe rest) but continue this uphill progress that 2013 has brought.