Thursday, 22 October 2015


Lastest feelings... While I am so happy with my life, and feel so blessed to reaching this year 2015, new job, same relationships, growing memories. I've found myself so inspired by travelling, Constantly discussing with other people where they have travelled to, any future plans. How to do it. But here I am feeling so tied down to London at times, feeling obligated to work and work, earn for what. And my energies have been redirected to travels and exploring.

So to start these new emotions, A trip to calais was made. To shop, visit, and enjoy time with loved ones. The trip was originally for DUNKIRK, but with a change of timing,
We made it.

To be continued...

Saturday, 26 September 2015

A selection of images taken from two photographers. One from the UELSU team, and my personal favourite photographer FrogPumpkin More details below.

20/09/2015 - Hired for the day to draw portraiture of new and returning students, I found myself enjoying the day much more than anticipated. Originally stressing with style, technique and every other thing I could think of, I decided to focus on simplicity.
Giving the visitor a choice in colour of paper and pen, I drew quick outline sketches of body shapes, clothing and hair. No facial detail. 2-4 minutes depending on conversation and enjoyment of the image. And the result was a recognizable drawing of the person sitting before me, and their reactions was almost always positive.

Honestly, what a great fun bunch of students and more. Considering I completed my degree at UEL this June 2015, I was happy to return and see familiar faces whilst also being on a different side of freshers.
These photographs are great, and this was a great push in the right direction of possible opportunities for the future.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Supporting our friend at his very first fashion show. INTERLACED 2015. His website below...

Marking the end of my Summer, a bright colourful way to go. The show infused tech and fashion together. Belts that charge your phone, dresses that light the runway, zips that make music. The tech/dress is endless. Was an interesting catwalk in the heart of East London, just off Bricklane.
Look forward to future invitations and documentation. So far I documented the evening via Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr... and now Blogger.

Rosetta Stone

Self & Ceiling
Nearing the end of Summer, using my NHM pass to gain free entry to fancy fabulous exhibitions,
Here was a visit I had been meaning to go to. The British museum.

Monday, 3 August 2015

National Gallery

National Portrait


Tate Britain

A very fun educational day. Free entry, Riding mostly solo I went to visit as many exhibits as the day allowed. All images above are a documentation of my day, taken my myself. Posted onto Blogger and Tumblr 
Very difficult to pin point a favourite of the day, I encourage everyone reading to visit these before time runs out. Fabulous, particularly the staircase.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Urges to sketch. Fashion sketch to be precise..
Following my visit to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the V&A, I was amazed.
It was like walking into McQueen's Cabinet of curiosities... his works are so abstract yet once I witnessed the pieces on display, I am now able to recognize his style and it's uniqueness elsewhere.
I can see where others are inspired by him.
Not to mention myself.
I was left with the desire to design, draw, fashion, just play about. And even know the beginner sketches above are very simple and infantile I find them cute and likable. Looking forward to playing more and including colour and animation.
Thank you McQueen.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Serpentine Gallery
With Summer being half way through, and the sun slowly shying away, I have recently started a new job at NHM, and I am SO excited to use my work perks, starting with free entry to all paid exhibitions in London as well as specific museums out of London.With this fabulous pass, I plan to attend as many museums/galleries as possibles, and journal my visits, including sketches and photographs for the public to see.It may not be the most interesting of posts, but I will try to keep it visually and verbally exciting in hope.

Some on my list are..
-Tate (All in UK)
- The British Museum
- Victoria and Albert Museum
-Huntarian Museum
-British Maritime museum

Here's to the Summer...
No entry. I'll be back

Monday, 13 July 2015

Saturday, 16 May 2015

An invite to all. The hard work. The blood, sweat and tears is finally to be shown here.
This Thursday 21st May 2015.
5pm - 9pm

This is what hard work and grafting looks like. 2 WEEKS of clearing, painting and scrubbing at UEL.
These are pictures from preparing for our final degree show, and dare I say it has been the most stressful and fun time of the 3 years. We as a year group became unified, we laughed and cried together, they don't call it third year for no reason. It is without a doubt my hardest year, the most difficult term, and the most sleep depriving finals I have ever had to hand in. But we get through it with a little help from our friends... and my handsome wonderful partner, and some laughter ofcourse.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Welcome to my glitchy world.
I made this tumblr for my graphics final major project. It will consist of ONLY GIFS. That's the condition. I'm not sure if I'll even use it at the end of the day. But i am loving GIFs
Let me know any thoughts.