Friday, 5 February 2016

How to be a beginner at photoshoots/modelling?
Not that I am going in that direction, because my face is not made for it but I THINK I have whittled the main things to think about down to five points of how to be a beginner and how to get going.
This is for super beginners, when you want to create a portfolio, before you are even thinking about agencies or approaching studios. A simple guide to getting your first set of images.

1. Photographer
Find a photographer you feel comfortable with. Hopefully they will know a little bit of what looks good, if not you can both figure it out along the way. A photographer that can give direction, motivation and encouragement throughout your shoot is GOLD. If they can be a friend even better, no one likes an awkward situation.

2. Theme
 Know what you are aiming for. (or have an idea), is it a fashion street shoot? is it romantic/cute? is it for head shot purposes? know what you are doing, do some research before hand and let your photographer know. You will be great. (Maybe practice posing, and good angles, unlike me)

3. Weather
Keep an eye on weather if you are shooting outdoors, Don't get caught in freezing cold air, mad rain, or too late that you miss the daylight (unless it's a night shoot). Always remember the sun is your friend, it will forever be your best filter.  Forget this all if you are shooting indoors.

4. Dress
Prepare your clothes depending on the theme for your shoot. If your indecisive or want a jam packed day of photo shooting, don't be ashamed with bringing a suitcase. Who cares.

Last thing.. 5. Cheesy cliche, but enjoy it.
Then share it to the world, make a portfolio, and Goodluck. 

I in no way put myself as a professional model, I gave this shoot a go as a beginner in January 2016, and learned a lot of things in 1 hour, here I am writing this post as a means to show this photograph as it is one of my favourites, and a means to write a quick HOW TO for other newbies. 
We are not all born Model Fabulous.

The rest of this shoot can be found at!bricklane-shoot/n3e54
The photographer that supported me on my first endevour, was none other than Thank you x

Monday, 1 February 2016

Saturday night - Shoreditch High Street overground at approximately 18:00, walking through we came across a planned protest.

Planned protests are the popular occurance, however pointless I find them it's now I believe the law, to plan a protest. YAWN
We turned the corner and saw the ravers crew loving life, music pumping thought maybe it was an outdoor festival, fun vibes, music, dancing, but the mass of yellow jackets you could see, meant we knew this was a bit different.
Pictures below show the amount of police available at the protest, looking harsh, stubborn and united in an attempt to control the crowd. Some would say they succeeded, others may say they tried and failed. You be the judge.

After approaching one of the police officers I asked what was going on..
"A planned protest against the banning of illegal raves"
This crowd came out to fight for the right to party. Literally.

Whilst having a look to see if this was a decent party, I was faced with a line of police, creating a border, I approached one. "What's going on?"  The officer then replied "We are letting people out, not letting anyone in". So I knew from then, it was feeling a bit hostile.

Soon after, London Live was on the scene, live reporting the protest, the crowd was filming on their phones and devices, expectantly of something to happen, and indeed it did. We caught most of it on our devices. London Live clip link at the end of post.

Below are the photographs we captured between 17:50 to 18:00 that evening.

A link to the london live clip:

All photographs captured by myself
and Ryan Prince actively in the commotion. Permission to use the images, whilst giving credit.


Thursday, 28 January 2016


What do you see when you look at your curtains late at night, as the tree shadows play with your eyes, do you see faces, objects?
What do you see in ordinary objects? Plugs, Angles images, puddles, edits,
What do you see when you see a circle? If you could draw around it, what would the circle become...
Eyes perhaps, a mouth? The moon? Or are you even more abstract?

A current charity art show @ GX GALLERY, Camberwell founded by 'What I see when' creator Robert John. He invites artists to be inspired by his current work for this social/design project
The artists invited, as well as visitors are encouraged to revisit their youth and think like a child, to create adaptations, and show us what they see.
There is a lot of inceptive imagination which is very inspiring and endearing. To see the thought process of the original image to what the artists recreated and took from it, a newly direct concept.
Approximately 6 artists participate however the variety of work feels more and fills both floors of GX GALLERY quite generously, with space for each piece to breathe.

Aside from the artwork the exhibition is in aid of supporting a great cause, PARKINSON'S UK. The charity will receive a donation from all profit of the exhibition. Including sold work, sold packages, leaflets and original posters.

#WhatIseeWhen and RE:IMAGINED has received great support and interest, including a visit from a school to participate in the show in the interactive pieces, supported by BIC pens and a visit from London Live, due to be aired today 28th January @ 13:30.

The show is running from Monday 25th - Saturday 30th. So if you are reading this, make your way, and hashtag your creation also.                     Thank you for reading and enjoy RE imagining.

Images above were taken on the private view Tuesday 26th January.
Artist work used in blog post: Ryan Prince 

Monday, 25 January 2016


Another post for the weekend.
Saturdays post was based on the London Art Fair. Link:
This post is focusing on Sundays visit to The Adventure Travel show @ Kensington Olympia.
To both shows I was a newbie, a first time visitor unsure what to expect and this post is to easily break it down, plans and to help others if they are considering travelling or more....

Since Oct 2015 I caught the travel bug, I wanted to travel, see the world, be outdoors, experience things. Things that cannot be felt in the safety of a bedroom, or in the comfort of your home city.
This Adventure Travel Show shows you so many places to go and adventures to be had.
Adventures ranging from £300 - £3000+, there is honestly something for everyone, from the peaceful sun chiller to the adrenaline junkie in us all.
You leave with great inspiration, and I have gone home with mounts of leaflets and books ready for the future travels. The show also has talks from famous travellers, achieved men and women and cool video/photographers.

As for me actively looking for ways to fulfill this feeling, urge to be doing something amazing in my life, I came across volunteering. Having been in contact with a very few companies, I have become so passionate and so eager, yet something is holding me back.
As well as being in communication with the companies, I met new companies at the Adventure Travel Show, took down details and more. A great opportunity to hear more about volunteering from a friendly face, I had the opportunity to quiz two young returned volunteers, telling me their stories whilst volunteering in Africa for 3 months. How amazing...

Now it is time for me to go through my new found collection and continue planning, hopefully soon one of these posts will be announcing me finally being enrolled onto a volunteering scheme.

If you are interested in volunteering, the most responsive and friendly people in the business have been ICS.
They are amazingly government funded and you have to be 25 and under for this amazing scheme.
Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


If you're thinking about visiting an art fair, trying something new for the weekend or just returning to the London Art Fair because you are a local art fan then this is a post of good use.

This is and was my first visit to the LONDON ART FAIR.
Based in North London, near Angel station, the fair takes over the Business Design Center and I've created a little help list for future times when I return, or others can use.

1- Comfortable Shoes
When I first considered going, I knew trainers were the way to go, yet imagine my feet are tired regardless!

2- Food, Drink and Survival
This is so important.
Takes lots of water, in case you are weak at every turn and die of thirst.
Food, there is always food around, some expensive, some cheap, some inside the venue, more outside. Just make sure if you want to be cheap take food in your bag, OR eat a good hearty brunch before leaving your house.
Never go into the art jungle with an empty stomach, my mistake today.

3- Size Matters
If you are new to this particular fair, which I was, do not underestimate it. I thought it would be a small fair, quaint, easy to get around. I mean I have done the Frieze Art Fair and even that felt a decent size. The London Art Fair felt HUGE in comparison. Maybe it was my exhaustion, my sore feet, or my hunger, but the fair has art galore!
At every corner is more art, and when you think you are on the third floor and nearly finished, there is more art!! and galleries.

4- ART
Similar to the point above, but focusing ofcourse on the Art!! Whether you are a student, a graduate, a teacher, an artist, a buyer, a human being. The fair can be a great place to spend your weekend (and ofcourse your money, if you can afford it unlike me).
Aside from the thousands of visitors you worm around the crowd, and the art on display is endless.
Every art fair has it's own style and themes, and the London Art Fair has a genuine collection of modern but not pretentious, contemporary but not ridiculous, and it even has room for the traditional fans. There is painting, illustrations, sculpture, print, glass, installations and so much more.
I found sadness, satire, humour, intelligent pieces.
There is one thing you will for sure gain from visiting this art fair. And that is inspiration.
Leaps and bounds, so I write this post, with ideas budding and art flowing through my veins.

5- That's all I have for now, but I will say if you are reading this on 23/01/2016, or even the 24/01/2016, you have ONE day left to catch the fair. Make it quick, be smart and if you are looking for a discount, this is a secret!!  Try TIMEOUT online, although it has run out but maybe next year, but definitely try the YPLAN app.  £5 off the £20 ticket.    SCORE.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Lastest feelings... While I am so happy with my life, and feel so blessed to reaching this year 2015, new job, same relationships, growing memories. I've found myself so inspired by travelling, Constantly discussing with other people where they have travelled to, any future plans. How to do it. But here I am feeling so tied down to London at times, feeling obligated to work and work, earn for what. And my energies have been redirected to travels and exploring.

So to start these new emotions, A trip to calais was made. To shop, visit, and enjoy time with loved ones. The trip was originally for DUNKIRK, but with a change of timing,
We made it.

To be continued...

Saturday, 26 September 2015

A selection of images taken from two photographers. One from the UELSU team, and my personal favourite photographer FrogPumpkin More details below.

20/09/2015 - Hired for the day to draw portraiture of new and returning students, I found myself enjoying the day much more than anticipated. Originally stressing with style, technique and every other thing I could think of, I decided to focus on simplicity.
Giving the visitor a choice in colour of paper and pen, I drew quick outline sketches of body shapes, clothing and hair. No facial detail. 2-4 minutes depending on conversation and enjoyment of the image. And the result was a recognizable drawing of the person sitting before me, and their reactions was almost always positive.

Honestly, what a great fun bunch of students and more. Considering I completed my degree at UEL this June 2015, I was happy to return and see familiar faces whilst also being on a different side of freshers.
These photographs are great, and this was a great push in the right direction of possible opportunities for the future.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Supporting our friend at his very first fashion show. INTERLACED 2015. His website below...

Marking the end of my Summer, a bright colourful way to go. The show infused tech and fashion together. Belts that charge your phone, dresses that light the runway, zips that make music. The tech/dress is endless. Was an interesting catwalk in the heart of East London, just off Bricklane.
Look forward to future invitations and documentation. So far I documented the evening via Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr... and now Blogger.